NIMBYism has cost us 13.5 percent of GDP

That’s the finding reported in CityLab from a paper by Chang-Tai Hseih and Enrico Moretti.

According to the article, NIMBYism is San Francisco, New York and San Jose alone created this drag.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the policies in place between 1964 and 2009 cost the average worker $8,775.

Relatedly, there’s a new book about zoning from the Lincoln Institute, called Zoning Rules! The Economics of Land Use Regulation (yes, sometimes I’m embarrassed about being excited by this stuff). It’s by William Fischel, a professor at Dartmouth College. He’s quoted as saying “State, federal, and judicial interventions to control local zoning have done more harm than good. To help grow the economy, decrease inequality, and improve the environment, America needs to take the wind out of the sails of local land use regulation.”

Sounds right up my alley.

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