Conservatory Lab Charter Schools files PNF

The Conservatory Lab Charter School Foundation filed a project notification form with the Boston Redevelopment Authority today, proposing a 73,000 sq ft school building at 2565 Washington St, Roxbury.

According to the PNF there would be a four story classroom building and a one story cafeteria. It would fall under Article 80 Large Project Review, but the school is seeking a waiver for that process, wehich involves shadow studies, traffic studies and an impact advisory group.

The school would be used for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade, with space for 456 students and 67 faculty and staff.

Overall, the building site is part of a plan called Bartlett Place, occupying Lot C. The BRA previously approved a development with two mixed-use buildings with 102 apartments and about 45,000 square feet of commercial space for Lots A and B.

According to Conservatory Lab’s website, they emphasize music instruction as the fundemental component of education. The school was founded in 1999 by Larry Scripp, a professor at the New England Conservatory. Currently located in Dorchester, they want a permanent building.┬áPreviously they were in the South End and Brighton.

The public comment period for the project closes December 27.

The Conservatory Lab Chater School’s proposed building for Bartlett Place in Roxbury. From the Conservatory Lab’s website.

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