Fifty thousand square foot project planned for Western Ave

The Mount Vernon Company has sent a letter of intent to the Boston Redevelopment Authority outlining a proposal for a 49,383 sq ft, mixed use development on Western Avenue in Brighton.

According to the letter, the company wants to build at 516-522 Western Ave, 530 Western Ave and 8 and 10 Waverly St. That’s much of the block bound by Western Avenue, the Leo Birmingham Parkway, Waverly Street and Mackin Street. Today it consists of two and three story multifamily homes and a few vacant commercial buildings.

A single-family home, a multi-family dwelling and the vacant commercial structures would be raised for the project, the letter said. In their place, the company would construct a six story building at the corner of Western Avenue and the Leo Birmingham Parkway and two five story buildings on either side.

The company intends to have 120 apartments, three retail storefronts and 108 parking spaces, plus storage for 132 bicycles. It’s an Article 80 Large Project Review and will need quite a bit of zoning relief.

It’s an odd location for a project of that size. While close to a grocery store and maybe a 15 minute walk from the commuter rail station being built at Boston Landing, the area isn’t especially transit-friendly. The 86 bus operates at or near capacity much of the time and frequently gets stuck in traffic on the parkway and Western Avenue. The 70 and 70A are notoriously problematic, as well. The Leo Birmingham Parkway is also wide and fast (it’s also pointless since it’s about a mile long and doesn’t go anywhere).

On the other hand, the area has seen a lot of new construction lately. The Joseph Smith Community Health Center opened recently. The City and the Department of Conservation and Recreation is trying to promote use of the Paul Dudley White Bikepath for commuters and the Charles River Speedway Headquarters building, across Western Avenue from the proposed development, is planned for mixed-use redevelopment.

No renderings were available.

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