South Boston, Brighton projects move forward

Two mixed-use buildings have been proposed for A Street in South Boston, while the Mount Vernon Company filed an expanded project notification form for its Western Avenue projects.

At 69 A St, owner-developer 69 ASTMA will renovate an existing three-story building once home to a rivet factory and add three more floors. Another existing structure will be torn down and replaced with a six-story one. According to the filing with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the site is 17,749 sq ft and will have over 50,000 sq ft of office space and 12,000 sq ft of retail space. The developer also plans 18 on-site parking spaces. The site is one block away from the Red Line’s Broadway Station.

69 A Street

A rendering of 69 A St, from the BRA filing.

Up the street, at 100 A Street, Oranmore Enterprises has proposed The Residences at One Hundred A.

According to the filing, it’s a nine-unit luxury condominium building and will occupy six floors. There will be a retail space on A Street and an enclosed parking garage with space for 10 cars. The developer has also contracted with a nearby parking gartage for eight more spaces. The sixth floor will be a rooftop, glass enclosed obsertvatory.

Eight of the condos will be two-bedroom units and one will be a four-bedroom unit.

Hilariously, the filing boasts about the contribution of nine luxury units to the city’s housing supply.

100 A St

I have no idea what the thing on the end is. It’s not mentioned in the filing.

The Mount Vernon Company, which last November filed a letter of intent for 120 apartments around the intersection of Western Avenue and the Leo Birmingham Parkway, and recently filed a Project Notification Form.

They’ve added apartments, up to 132, and in addition to storage for 132 bicycles, the developer will give free bikes as part of pre-leasing an apartment; provide a workshop with tools and parts, pay for a Hubway station and put a screen in the lobby with real time transit data. There are still over 100 parking spaces, though.

Western Ave Residence

Looks like the Continuum at the other end of Western Avenue.


One thought on “South Boston, Brighton projects move forward

  1. The proposal for Western Avenue looks interesting, and will certainly bring some much needed life to what is now a desolate automotive wasteland. Maybe it’ll even spur the DCR into updating the intersection, which looks like it hasn’t been changed since the 50s and is full of such awesome things as non-indicated protected lefts and is completely missing things like crosswalks. Also, there’s an awful lot of construction going on in the whole corridor from the river, through Barry’s Corner and now this, and continuing along Arsenal Street into Watertown, all of it presumably adding to the load on the #70 bus. Hopefully the bus service can cope with the increased ridership, and hopefully the T gets around to fixing some of the more glaring problems soon.

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