Orient Heights public housing to be redeveloped

Developer Trinity Orient Heights Limited Partnership has filed a Letter of Intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to replace the Boston Housing Authority’s Orient Heights Overlook Terrace Apartments.

According to the filing, the existing public housing is “obsolete” and from the 1940s. The developer intends to replace all 331 existing units and build 42 new market rate units. They will also replace the community center and build a new public park.

The redevelopment will include townhomes and mid-rise buildings like the current public housing, as well as two new five story buildings and will be designed to a LEED Silver standard. The developers intend to do the project in four stages, beginning later this year.

No retail space, walkability or public transit improvements appear to be planned at this time.

The Orient Heights Apartments are in a style very popular among public housing complexes for decades: set back from the street and no mixed uses. I had some thoughts on the redevelopment of these kinds of places here.

Orient Heights

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