Boston 17th for new permits

Recent data from the United States Census showed that the Boston metropolitan area ranked 17th in the nation for new housing construction permits in 2015, with 15,248 issued. How many of those turned into new housing could not be determined from the data.

Twitter user Sheattland charted the data for this year.

Seattle was sixth, Washington, DC ninth and Denver 13th. Those are the cities that have built themselves into rent decreases over the past few years while demand has continued to outpace new supply in Boston.

Going back over the past few years, those three metros have continuosly issued more new permits than Boston.

In 2014, Boston  issued just over 12,000 permits, Denver issued 15,767 and Seattle and Washington both were over 20,000.

They recorded similar numbers in 2013, but in 2012 and 2011 Boston issued fewer than 10,000 new permits, with 8,851 and 6,139 for those years. DC was active, issuing around 22,400 permits in 2012 and 19,657 in 2011.

In 2006, before the crash, Boston issued nearly 14,000 permits, while Denver did around 18,000 and Seattle and Washington each went over 25,000. In 2004, Boston issued 15,423, while Denver and Seattle were both over 20,000 and DC reached 38,000.

It’s a credit to the sprawl of northern Virginia more than anything, I suspect, but it’s still interested that the Boston region could lag behind other metros for new permits despite increasing demand.


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