Eighteen more condos planned for South Boston

Frank Sorrenti, who owns a plumbing supply business in South Boston, has filed plans with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to replace his store at 482 West Broadway with a five-story, mixed use building with 18 condos, 4200 square feet of commercial space and 21 parking spaces. Sixteen of the residences will be market-rate and two will be affordable. The developer will also pay into the Inclusionary Development Fund.

482 West Broadway

In addition to the building housing Sorrenti’s plumbing supply business being torn down, a Dunkin’ Donuts will also be demolished. The project will need zoning variances for its floor-area-ratio (3.59 where 1.0 is allowed), height (51 feet where 35 is the maximum) and minimum side and rear setbacks.

However, the building height would be the same as the building on ther other side of West Broadway and isn’t unusual for South Boston at all. What’s strange is the extent to which such a site has been underused — the intersection is effectively the geographic heart of South Boston and most of the rest of the area is already used somewhat intensively, so it’s surprising development hasn’t happened sooner.

The project is expected to cost $8.5 million and be completed by 2018.


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