Condos planned for Willow Ct, Dorchester

Down on Willow Court in Dorchester, developer Patrick Cibotti is already taking advantage of the proposed South Bay Town Center by proposing to replace two commercial buildings and a single family home with a five story, 14 unit condominium building with 21 parking spaces. Two of the units will be affordable.

Willow Court

According to the Boston Redevelopment Authority filing, the development team has paid atention to the South Bay Town Center and existing neighborhood styles and building typologies. At over 9,000 square feet, the site is bordered by Willow Court, Baker Court and Allstate Road. Immediately to rear is a nine unit development on Baker Court.

The filing states that the cost of the proposal is $4.2 million, which is about have the cost of comparable projects. Even more unusually, the building will use stone and brick, which is rare. One reason for this architectural extravagance at such a low price is that the parking is on the surface instead of underground.

The project will have to go through the Zoning Board of Appeals because it needs variances for the use, the lot being zoned commercial, height, rear yard setback, parking and floor area ratio.



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