700 apartments proposed for South End

Legatt McCall Properties has filed a Project Notification Form with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build 710 apartments, 14,100 square feet of retail space and 40,100 square feet of office space between Albany Street and Harrison Avenue in the South End. There are several buildings currently existing on the site and most will be demolished. One, the 34,500 square foot and classic 19th century Gambro building will be renovated to provide affordable studios for artists. Another old building on Albany Street will also be renovated. The developer will, however, build 745 spaces of underground parking. Including the renovated building, a total of 745,000 square feet in four buildings is planned.

Harrison Albany

The block, bound by Harrison Avenue, Albany Street, West Dedham Street and West Canton Street, will be broken up with a street called Andrews and a pedestrian green. This is innovative, although block sizes in the South End are small enough that it’s perhaps not quite as neccesarry as in other places. A sort of town square open space will also be created, by Harrison Avenue and East Dedham Street.

Harrison Albany Map

The two new buildings will be 19 and 11 stories, respectively.

Harrison Albany Aerial

Harrison Albany would join the Ink Block, the Cosmopolitan and The Lucas as major mixed use projects in the South End.



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