Apartments, Too Much Parking, Proposed for Audubon Circle

Toronto-based Miner Realty filed plans with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build a five-story, 45-unit, mixed-use apartment building with 30 parking spaces at 839 Beacon Street in the Audobon Circle neighborhood. Six apartments will be affordable and some of the parking will be in an underground garage.

839 Beacon

There is currently a two-story commercial building on the lot, which is 13,833 square feet and 4500 square feet of commercial space will be built. Two of the apartments will have three bedrooms, four will have two bedrooms, 23 will have one bedroom and 16 will be studios.

The project will need variances for height, even though it matches the height of existing buildings, its floor area ratio and not having enough parking per unit or “usable open space” per unit.

The parking requirement in this neighborhood is mistifying. Not only is the neighborhood very walkable with restaurants and grocery stores, but there’s plenty of transit access, with bus service within a block, individual stations of B, C and D branches of the Green Line within short walks and its well-within walking distance of Kenmore Square and Yawkey Station. There are few neighborhoods in Boston that are as walkable or as well-served by rail and bus service. It doesn’t need any parking.

Total costs is expected to be $17.5 million and that would be a lot lower without parking.

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