Mixed use building proposed for JP/Egleston

Boston Community Ventures has filed plans with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build a 46,690 square foot, 44-unit, five story mixed-use apartment building at the corner of Green Street and Washington Street in Roxbury/Jamaica Plain (thisd building may make the area definitively JP). Twenty four surface parking spots will be provided and 2000 square feet on the first floor will be retail space. Six of the apartments will be affordable.

3353 Wash

The residences will be a mix of one-bedroom, two-bed and three bed configurations. Apartments on the fifth flooer will have private terraces and there will be a 1300 square foot roof deck.

Two existing wood-frame buildings and one vacant brick building will be demolished to build the project. The total cost is estimated at $18 million.

Under the City zoning code, 70 parking spaces would be required, but the project is less than 800 feet from the Green Street Orange Line Station and the 42 bus runs on Washington Street. The project will also need zoning relief for height, floor-area-ratio and usable open space per unit. It will also need a conditional use permit for multi-family residential.



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