75 Condos Planned for Beacon Hill

Developer JDMD of Dedham has filed plans with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to transform two institutional buildings purchased from Suffolk University into 75 new condos — and 60 parking spaces — at 33-61 Temple St in Beacon Hill. The two buildings amount to around 171,000 square feet of space. There will be 22 one-bedroom units, 38 two-beds, 13 three-beds and two four-beds. The parking will be underground and handled on a valet basis.

Temple St

The project, according to the filing, was worked out with the imput and assistance of Beacon Hill community groups, which have had problems with Suffolk University and its students. In 2008 the university agreed to shift its focus towards Downtown Boston and away from Beacon Hill.

While the filing claims that the building follows “smart-growth and transit-oriented development principles”, 60 spots is still a lot of parking for a site so close to Park Street, State Street, Government Center, Bowdoin and Haymarket.

Zoning-wise, the project would only need variances relating to front, side and reart setbacks and usable open space, since most other non-comforties are existing and the buildingts were built before the first zoning code was adopted. The impact advisory group has already been created.



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