Seaport to get 124 apartments

Cronin Holdings has filed an expanded project notification for a 22-story building at 150 Seaport Blvd. A letter of intent was filed in December and the project has changed somewhat. Instead of 110 apartments, they now want to build 124, but there are still three levels of underground parking with spaces for 179 vehicles. The build will be 250 feet tall and have 10,700 square feet of retail/restaurant space. The residential part of the building will comprise a total of 273,000 square feet with units ranging from studios to the three-bedrooms. The filing does not state if they will be setting aside any units as affordable or contributing to the City’s affordable housing fund.

150 Seaport Blvd

Two restaurants, the Atlantic Beer Garden and the Whiskey Priest, will be torn down. The developers also plan on improving the Harborwalk on the site and expanding sidewalks. The amount of parking is confusing, considering the site is well-served by transit is within walking distance of the Innovation District, the Financial District and South Station.

Considering the loads of parking they’re providing, the width of Seaport Blvd and the fact that the areas immediately adjacent to the project site are predominantly surface parking lots, it seems unlikely that anyone’s going to choose walking or transit over driving.



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