Brighton grocery store, other projects, pass muster at BRA meeting

The Boston Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors voted to approve eight projects at their monthly meeting yesterday. According to the BRA’s press release, the apperoval comprises $1.3 billion worth of development and $1.3 million square feet.

26 Hichborn

A rendering of a newly approved apartment building in Brighton.

Four projects from Allston Brighton were approved. A five story, mixed-use condo project at 31 North Beacon St with 20 apartments and 22 parking spaces was approved, as was a 20-unit building at 20-24 Hichborn St and Harvard University’s Science and Engineering Complex.

But most importantly, the BRA Board appreoved the Parsons Crossing mixed-use project with 54 apartments and 125 parking spaces. Assuming it gets the zoning relief it needs (and the endorsement of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association should help with that), it will mean that Brighton Center will be getting a Roche Brothers grocery store. That will be a boost to foot traffic, even though the development has vastly too many cars.

“What’s amazing is that Roche Brothers is still in the deal,” said BRA project manager Lance Campbell, noting that it’s taken three years for the project to get to the board.

425 Washington St

A rendering of Parsons Corner.

A 14-unit condominium development on Willow Court in Dorchester was approved. That neighborhood, near the South Bay Center, is rapidly starting to changed and Board member Ted Landsmark praised the team’s work with the community.

“The effort to convert a light industrial area to residential in a neighborhood that’s starting to change should be commended,” he said.

The Board also approved the Cote Village project in Mattapan with 71 apartments of affordable and workforce housing, the O’Connor Way Elderly Housing and a reconstruction of graduate student housing at the Harvard Business School’s Allston Campus.


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