Five story residential building proposed for Alewife

An apartment building with 44 units (five affordable) and 48 parking spaces in five floors has been proposed for 95 Fawcett St in Cambridge, near the Alewife terminus of the Red Line. There will also be space for storing up to 60 bicycles in the 52,852 square foot building on a 20,522 square foot lot.The developer is just known as 95 Fawcett St, LLC.

95 Fawcett Street

The site is located in an area that’s changing from industrial to be more mixed-use. There are offices, stores and technology firms going in along with apartments. It’s not the most pedestrian or transit-oriented neighborhood, however, despite the proximity to Alewife.

Although less than 1500 feet from the station, a person would have to walk more than three times that distance because of the street-layout and fencing. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s bus routes 74 and 78 run on Concord Avenue to the south of the project, going to Harvard Square, but they are infrequent. But the project is very close to grocery stores, although they are surrounded by huge parking lots at divided by the Alewife Brook and Fresh Pond Parkways. Cycling is also a possibility as the Minuteman Bike Path runs down from Arlington and along the Alewife Brook Parkway to the Fresh Pond reservation.

There has been talk of building a pedestrian bridge over the railway tracks to connect both sides of Alewife, but nothing has come of it yet. The developer has agreed to contribute to the cost of construction, however.


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