Apartment building planned for Fifth St in South Boston

Boston Real Estate Capital filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority Monday to build a mixed-use 36-unit apartment building at 55 W. 5th St in South Boston. The building will include a little over 2,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and have 36 parking spaces in a garage. Five of the apartments will be affordable under the inclusionary development policy. Six of the residences will be studios, nine will be one-bedroom and 21 will have two bedrooms.

55 W 5th St

The 10,000 square foot site is currently occupied by E&S Auto Repair and is 0.2 miles from Broadway Station, as well as beintg on the route of the 11 bus. The project will need variances for height, floor area ratio, front and rear setbacks, open space per unit and minimum lot area per additional unit.

According to the filing, the developer estimated a cost of $10 million to build the project and has decided to call it “Sobo Place”.



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