Developer plans 50 condos in Lower Mills

City Point Center, LLC today filed a letter of intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build a four-story, mixed-use building with 57 residential condominiums and ground floor commercial space at 1120-1132 Washington Street in the Lower Mills area of Dorchester. The developers also propose 94 parking spots, including 51 in an underground garage.

1120 Washington St

In total, 66,859 gross square feet will be built on a 48,303 square foot site. Three multifamily houses and a funeral home will be demolished for the project. The plans will be vetted through the BRA’s large project review.

The developers will file a project notification form at a later date.


5 thoughts on “Developer plans 50 condos in Lower Mills

  1. Is that 148 parking spaces in total or 94 total, 51 of which underground? 94 is still insane, but 148 is go-outside-rt495-and-build-all-the-parking-you-want insane…

  2. The Dolan Funeral Home will stay up then? Is there an old funeral home that’s being demolished? And does this mean the building will not exceed 4 stories? Thank you for replying.

    • It doesn’t look like the Dolan is going, since that’s 1140 Washington. And no, the building won’t exceed four stories (although depending on the plans there could be equipment on the roof for central air or an elevator headhouse, but the City doesn’t count stuff like that).

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