Monastery rennovation to be heart of dorm proposal

Developer Cabot, Cabot and Forbes filed a letter of intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build student housing in Brighton. In collaboration with private dormitory operator Peak Campus, the developer will rennovate St Gabriel’s Monastery, a closed Passionist cloister, and build several new buildings on the 11.1 acre site, resulting in 680 apartments, amenities and common space and 400 parking spaces. Four new buildings will be built on existing parking lots, ranging from four to seven stories in height.

St Gabriel's Monastery

St. Gabriel’s Monastery and Church.

In total, the development will consist of 610,000 gross square feet at 159 Washington Street and so will have to undergo large project review with an impact advisory board. The site is about midway between Brighton Center, with its bars, restaurants and, one day, grocery store and the B branch of the Massachuasetts Bay Transportation Authority on Commonwealth Avenue with its amenities. The 64 bus route to Kenmore Square stops in front of the site. Existing pedestrian routes will be improved. Ther site is also walkable to Allston Village.

The project is targeted to graduate students. The LOI cities the fact that Brighton has 4,100 graduate students in rental housing, which is says encourages housing prices and rents to rise. “The project concept is to provide a new type of development in Boston to house this demographic, at a scale that will free up housing for local neighborhood residents.”

The 400 parking spaces are not neccesarry. Brighton has low rates of car-ownership already, especially near the Green Line, and area universities have encouraged students to use car sharing services or other forms of alternate transportation.


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