Arsenal Mall to get makeover

For years going to Watertown from Brighton involved a wide, bike and pedestrian-unfriendly stroad with low density commercial buildings and lots of free parking. But nowe the Wilders Companies, which owns the Arsenal Mall on Arsenal Street, is aiming to change all of that by building housing, streets and even a movie theater.

Arsenal Project 1

Originally part of the United States Army’s Watertown Arsenal, the site was converted into a mall in the 1980s. According to The Watertown News, additions built as part of that transformation will be torn down in order to open up the site to connections with Arsenal Park and the Charles River.

Several new buildings, sadly including a parking garage, will be constructed on the site, which is mostly occupied by surface parking. The new movie theater will have a sort of public square in front of it and shared streets will bring people and cars to the interior of the site. A grocery store is also planned.

Arsenal Project 2

The overall effect is rather similar to that of the South Bay Center, Assembly Square and Station Landing — except that the only public transportation is by taking the notorious 70 and 70A buses.

Arsenal Project 3

South is that the top.

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