Parking lot could become apartment complex

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reported today that Criterion Development Partners is preparing to unveil a 260-unit apartment complex in Forest Hills, across the street from the Orange Line terminus. According to the report, company officials have been meeting with residents for several weeks and are preparing to file a letter of intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Forest Hills

The parking lot in the image above is owned by a company called LAZ, which owns several others around the country. Under the plans being floated by Criterion, they would buy it and build several buildings of three, five and six stories over an underground garage. Surface parking would also be included. Accortding to the report, the developer is also lookintg to build 6,000 square feet of retail.

Currently the Casey Overpass just to the north of the site is being torn down and the Arbnorway will be rebuilt into something more along the lines of its intent as a parkway. The station will also be modified. With the station having the Orange Line and 20 bus routes, as well as the Southwest Corridor Park and bike path, it’s unclear why so much parking is needed.

The Gazette also reported that residents were viewing the proposal favorably.


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