Another day, another condo proposal in South Boston

A rare single family mixed-use building on East Third Street in South Boston is slated for transformation into a five story, 22-unit building, according to a project notification form filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority by Cederwood Development. The 10,070 square foot property at 545 East Third Street will host a 28,208 square foot building with three stories along the street, but rising to five in the back, for a maximum height of 50.5 feet.

544 E 3rd St

The residences will be condominia. Fourteen will have two-bedrooms and eight will have one. The ground floor will be garage for 22 cars and there will also be a gym. The site has good bus service and is close to a Stop and Shop and branch of the Boston Public Library, limiting car trips. Three of the condos will be affordable.

The developer will need zoning variances for total lot area, maximum floor-area-ratio, height, open space per unit, front setback, rear setback and parking spaces per unit. They estimate a total construction cost of $8.5 million and  that construction will start in the fourth quarter of this year.


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