Somerville Ave housing proposed

A thirty-residence complex has been proposed for a vacant lot at 515 Somerville Ave in Somerville. It’s next to Wings Over Somerville and is within walking distance to Porter Square and Market Basket. The housing will be divided among ten buildings, eight of the buildings will be attached, townhouse-style, on both sides of a private way going through the lot from Somerville Avenue to Laurel Street. Two of the buildings will be stand-alone.

515 Somerville Ave

The townhouses will each be four stories with three units each, which suggests that it’s a condo development. The stand alone buildings will both be three stories and three units. The plans are not clear on the amount of parking, but it looks to be between 39 and 50 spaces. Thirety nine might be reasonable, but 50 would be excessive.

The design, by Peter Quinn Architects, is pretty good. The brick and bow fronts give it a bit of a Back Bay feel, even though Somerville’s triple-deckers all have siding. The private way looks like it would be nice for pedestrians and the frontage along Somerville Avenue will activate the street, as well as filling in the overgrown lot and providing some pleasant variety along that stretch.

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