Used car lot to replaced with condos

Roseclair Boston filed a small project review application with the Boston Redevelopment Authority yesterday, with the aim of building two six story mixed-use buildings with 40 condos and 1,463 square feet of retail space at 1258-1272 Massachusetts Ave, in Dorchester, near Edward Everett Square. Five of the condos will be affordable.

1258-1272 Mass Ave

Occupying a total of 19,897 square feet of land on two lots, both of which are home to used car dealerships, the project will use 13,896 square feet. The site is within walking distance of Upham’s Corner commuter rail and the JFK-UMass station with access to the Red Line and more commuter rail, although that’s not a particularly good walk. The buildings will be served by 37 parking spaces, some in a garage and some outside.

The building appears to blend in well with Boston’s traditional architecture and the added retail and less than 1:1 parking ratio will encourage walking and transit usage. No mention of bicycle accomodations were made in the filing.

The project is estimated to cost $12.5 million and needs zoning variances for use, floor-area-ratio, height, off-street parking and rear yard setback. There are also doubtless some streetscape improvements that could be made, especially to Edward Everett Square.

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