Four proposals for Condor Street

The Boston Redevelopment Authority recently received four proposals for the development of a parcel they own at 146-172 Condor Street in East Boston. Located on the Chelsea River, the seven acre property was once home to a Hess fuel tank farm and is zoned for maritime economic reserve. The request for proposals noted that the BRA would not consider any variances for housing, hotels, office space or entertainment.

146-172 Condor Street

The BRA received submissions from the East Boston Community Development Corporation, with the Fort Point Associates and Arrowstreet; Gotham Greens; Citywide Organics Recycling; and the Eastern Salt Company.

Eastern Salt’s proposal is the most straight-forward. The Maine-based company sells road salt to cities and towns and already owns terminals in Chelsea across the river. They propose piling salt there in the winter and providing recreational and public waterfront access the rest of the year.

Citywide Organics Recycling proposal is for an organic waste recycling plant. According to their submission, they will collect food and yard waste and put it in anerobic digesters to turn it into biogas, energy, fertilizer and compost. They would try to bring the waste to the facility using water transport to reduce truck impacts on the surrounding community.

Gotham Greens intends to construct 130,000 square feet of greenhouses on concrete bases to do year-round food production. According to its bid, the Brooklyn-based urban agriculture company has greenhouses in New York and Chicago. In addition to growing food, they would also process it and do research and development and offered to partner with local educational institutions.

Lastly, the EBCDC proposed a marine industrial hub, a kind of industrial park or incubator space. “The EBCDC proposes to create new opportunities for local businesses lacking the resources or space needs to develop the full seven acres of land provided on the site” they wrote in their submission. They would build several buildings and develop a ship-repair area.

The bids are currently being reviewed, but there is no date for a decision.

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