2 Charlesgate West proposal fleshed out

Way back in June it was announced that Trans National Properties planned to demolish its existing Fenway headquarters and build a new, mixed-use tower for its offices and 300 apartments. On Friday they filed a project notification form with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, detailing the plans.


According to the filing, a 29 story, 344,000 square foot tower is planned for the 0.47 acre site near Fenway Park. It will have around 295 residences — both rental and ownership. At the ground floor there will be 10,000 square feet of restaurant space and 7500 square feet of office.

The site is currently occupied by three buildings built in the 19050s and 60s with a total of around 52,000 square feet of office space. The completed building will have 186 parking spaces and be 340 feet tall. The residences will vary between one and three bedrooms there will be one bike storage space per unit.

A number of landscaping improvements were proposed, including artwork installations along Ipswich Street, a dining terrace for the restaurant on Boylston Street. Making the the plantings complement the Fens will also be explored.

The developers will need zoning relief for height, floor area ratio, parking and use. It will also go through Article 80 large project review.


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