Chinatown telco building to be renovated for housing

Part of an eight story buiding in Chinatown that houses telecommunications equipment for Verizon will be renovated by Cresset Development to contain 46 residences, six affordable, and a lobby. Three floors will be converted to residential use and there will be no parking, although the lobby will have some bike storage.


The building, at 8 Harrison Ave, was built for the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1919, according to the filing. The arrangement for the residential rennovation was reached because technological improvements have reduced the amount of equipment Verizon needs in the 143,056 square foot building. The 21,193 square foot parcel it’s built on is pretty much ideal for transit-oriented development: Chinatown station is one block to the west and Boylston is the next block; South Station is just a six or seven minute walk, according to Google.

The new housing will be for rent, with 20 of the apartments having one bedroom, eight two bedrooms and 18 being studios. Some new windows will be added, along with an improved HVAC system and a roof deck.

The developers held pre-file meetings with the community and have received positive support for the project.


2 thoughts on “Chinatown telco building to be renovated for housing

  1. Zero parking? That’s amazing. Where can I read the proposal? I imagine they had to get a variance for this.

    Your website is a wonderful resource for Bostonians, by the way. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you.

      They still need to get the variance, but yes, they do need one. Not only do they not need parking because of the location, there’s no way to add it. The building exists. You can find more info here.

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