Apartments planned for Hood site

The Rosev Building in the former Hood Dairy Plant in Charlestown will be redeveloped into a 168,000 square foot mixed use building with 177 apartments and 10,500 square feet of retail space. In 2008 the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the redevelopment of the site into 143,255 square feet of office space.


The 72,850 square foot site is part of the large 20 acre Hood site, which is being redeveoloped into an office park and neighborhood. It’s located at 480 Rutherford Ave in Charlestown and there will be 67 studios, 81 one bedroom apartments and 29 two bedroom units.


According to the filing with the BRA the project with have 90 parking spots and 177 bicycle storage spaces. The real question is why it needs any oparking at all — while an unpleasant 10 minute walk to Sullivan Square (and God only knows how one would walk to a grocery store from the site) — according the Hood Park Master Plan, three parking garages will be built anyways.

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