BRA changes name

Yesterday Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced that the Boston Redevelopment Authority was changing its name to the Boston Planning and Development Agency, or BPDA. At a gathering in City Hall plazza that afternoon director Brian Golden spoke a little bit about it.

“Our name changed because the times changed,” he said. “Community engagement will be at the heart of what we do.”

Ultimately, however, no changes in policy or process have been announced, so how the BPDA will be different from the BRA is still unknown.

After Golden spoke a number of protesters from Vida Urbana began chanting anti-development and anti-gentrification slogans and unfurled a banner saying that BPDA stood for Boston’s Planned Displacement Agency.

They also called for the inclusionary development policy to be 70 percent affordable, instead of 15-20 percent. As if to head off criticisms that such an approach would be so expensive nothing could be built, one of the chants was about how the City’s plans are made by economists and not poor people.

Black Lives Matter had much more sensible demands in Cambridge.

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