East Boston building shrinking

A mixed-use building approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and Zoning Board of Appeals two years ago filed a notice of project change with the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The building was approved with five stories, 32-units, 29,700 square feet and occupies a site at 70 Bremen St in East Boston.


In the original proposal, two commercial units of 703 square feet were on the ground floor and in the new proposal, there will be one of 1,028 square feet. The number of apartments is staying the same, but the square footage is dropping from 30,950 square feet to 30,580 square feet. It’s unclear how the apartments can have a higher square footage than the building as a whole. Twelve of the residences them will have two bedrooms, 16 will have one bedroom and four will be studios. Five of them will be affordable.

The building is being reduced in length by five feet on each side both to allow windows to be put in on the ends and to improve the foundation, since it’s in a part of East Boston built on fill.Much of the first floor is a garage with 32 parking spaces. That much parking is not needed — the building is across the street from the East Boston Greenway and is a four minute walk from Maverick Station on the Blue Line.

A public meeting on the changes will be held at the East Boston Social Center, October 24 at 6:30 pm.

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