Bill Linehan to retire

Boston City Councilor Bill Linehan, who represents South Boston, told The Boston Globe that he will not seek a sixth term. Linehan is one of the most pro-car members of the Council, who has opposed much-needed bike lanes and supported increased parking minimums.

According to The Boston Herald, Michael Kelley, Peter Lin-Marcus and Frank Ulip have announced themselves as candidates. In addition, Ed Flynn, the son of former Mayor (and United States Ambassador to the Vatican) Raymond Flynn, and Corey Dinopoulos, a backer of the Boston 2024 Olympics bid.

There isn’t too much out there on the challengers, apart from Flynn and Dinopoulos. Kelley is a former aid to Mayor Thomas Menino; Lin-Marcus seems to have solid progressive credentials and Ulip has an interesting Twitter feed, but little in the way of concrete politics.

However, currently the second Tweet by Flynn is “We need a municipal parking garage as part of the development plans @ the Boston Edison Plan. This would help alleviate our parking crisis.” Ha ha ha, no.

Dinopoulos, meanwhile, has some good stuff about transportation that makes a pleasant change from Linehan, but vague, hackneyed phrases on development.



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