State Police: Newton councilors wanted for questioning in death of Satire

Massachusetts State Police announced today that 16 members of the Newton City Council were wanted for questioning in their investigation of the death of Satire, whose body was found on the grounds of the Woodland Golf Club early in the morning of February 22, just hours after the Newton City Council voted to declare itself a “Welcoming City” and protect immigrants from President Donald Trump’s crackdowns.

In Newton, the median home price is nearly $1 million and The Boston Globe reports that since 2010, not even 20 units of affordable housing have been built in the city. The city’s lawyers have used various tactics to block the construction of 40B projects, such as claiming that golf courses count as undevelopable conservation land, or that rentals, which are mostly occupied by people without children, would overburden the school system. With the typical illegal immigrant likely making less than $24,000 a year, according to Mother Jones, they’re unlikely to be buying in Newton any time soon.

At least if they built an actual wall, they’d have to take care of their own lawns and pools.

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