Welcome to Urban Liberty.

Freedom is very important for the future of our cities. Freedom for citizens to develop the businesses they need to prosper and to build the housing they need to live in, freedom from federal and state governments that give wealthy suburbanites a tax-break for buying more house than they will ever need while pursuing policies that keep housing prices high for poor city residents.

Most importantly, cities today need freedom from the epidemic of NIMBYism if they are even to have a future. Especially in Greater Boston, the area of my expertise.

This will be a pro-development blog, but won’t be doing any cheerleading. This will be a pro-transit blog, but won’t ignore mismanagement. Accountability is still important.

About me:

I’m Matthew M. Robare, a journalist and urbanist. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011 and currently reside in Cambridge, Mass. Follow me on Twitter.

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